X1 Pre shampoo 100ml De coco (Hair Treatment)

X1 Pre shampoo 100ml De coco (Hair Treatment)

Normal Hair (De coco)

How to use

First, apply the X1 ( Pré Shampoo DE-COCO) on wet hair. Massage until foaming and rinse it well with water. Repeat if necessary.

The Benefits

Benefits of coconut oil for hair
 Coconut oil is used either on its own or included in the ingredients of hair serum, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, and other products. These are some of the benefits of coconut oil for hair:

 Moisturizes dry hair
 Coconut oil can penetrate the hair itself and not only remain on the outer layer, and this is what distinguishes it from other oils, which gives moisture and a softer texture to the hair.

 Moisturizes the scalp

 Thus, coconut oil can moisturize the scalp, which relieves dryness and itching.

 Reduces hair fluff
 Hair frizziness arises when the hair absorbs moisture or water, giving an untidy appearance to the hair. Therefore, coconut oil prevents hair from absorbing water, especially in humid weather, which reduces frizziness.

 Promotes hair growth

 Some studies indicate the benefits of coconut oil for hair in terms of protecting it from damage, which reduces and treats hair loss.

 Protects hair from chemical damage
 Coconut oil penetrates and fills the voids in the damaged hair, which prevents other substances from entering them, thus preventing harmful chemicals from sticking to the hair and damaging it.

 Adds shine to hair
 Coconut oil gives a shiny and healthy look to hair

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